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red tiger gaming logoSoftware companies are known for being pretty trendy; the sorts of businesses that have video game consoles, foosball tables, pool tables and the like in the office to keep their employees feeling happy and playful.

But have you ever heard of one hiring ‘secret magicians? Red Tiger do; and although they are there to work on the games rather than entertain the staff, this unusual out of the box thinking gives you some clue as to the type of company we are dealing with here.

They create loads of slots each year, meaning they are always found in the ‘new release’ section on any online casino that they work with, and many of their games end up lasting the course too. This means they are popular with players, and that makes them popular with casino operators too.

As a result, you will find Red Tiger to be one of the most commonly spotted game providers on casino websites in the UK. In fact, they are almost like part of the fixtures and fittings; so much so that despite only being in business since 2014 it feels like Red Tiger have been around as long as the real titans in the slot developer industry, such as NetEnt (who actually own the business now), Playtech, and Microgaming.

They are multi award winning and offer some very engaging and attractive features for players and operators alike, hitting a real sweet spot and making them a bit of a no brainer for any casino that wants to keep hold of their customers.

Red Tiger Gaming Casino Sites

What are Red Tiger Games Like?

red tiger gaming games

Red Tiger are a specialist company, so they create slots and only slots – more or less. They have developed a single roulette, blackjack, and baccarat game, but don’t seem to be in any rush to build on their library of table games.

Contrastingly, their library of slots numbers over 200 and is growing at speed. It’s clear then where their focus lies.

Within the range they have covered most every theme you can imagine, and the majority of them more than once, but their games are never carbon copies of each other.

They are known for presenting fun, humorous themes that are sometimes tongue in cheek, and excel in their artwork where they are incredibly versatile. Two contrasting slots that demonstrate both of these points are Rocket Men, and Tiger King.

Rocket Men was released in response to Donald Trump’s incredibly immature Twitter spat with Kim Jong Un, leader of North Korea. This was a naughty but hilarious move from Red Tiger, with the cartoon artwork displaying both ‘leaders’ riding nuclear rockets. On the other hand, Tiger King is equally close to the line given that it is based on Joe Exotic who was the subject of a popular Netflix documentary, but who ultimately went to jail for hiring hitmen to kill a competitor. The game’s visual style is much more life-like, even using photographs mixed with the animations and CGI.

In terms of how the games play and pay, the RTP is usually bang average and close to 96%, although there are a few cheeky titles that dip under 95% which is way too low; and volatility tends to be somewhere in the middle too, although they do create some high volatility slots too.

This can be frustrating for some players, because there are lots of wins but they aren’t often worth a great deal – and often they come with quite the fanfare too so it can be an anti-climax to see the total amount won.

For players that like lots of action though, and who find dead spins incredibly boring, Red Tiger have scores of games you will enjoy. They often include multiple bonus rounds too.

RTG Core

red tiger core game engineIt’s worth touching on the game engine that Red Tiger have developed, because it is the most advanced casino game engine on the market, which has been another great selling point for them.

Developed completely in house, the engine provides the highest frame per second rates even on their most system intensive games.

This, combined with their excellent compatibility capabilities across all devices and operating systems makes them incredibly easy to work with for casino operators, and provides a high end bug free experience for players.

It’s also one of the reasons they can get games to market so quickly, because once the design and maths model has been worked out, a lot of the integration etc is already taken care of by the engine’s architecture.

Why Casinos Love Them

red tiger gaming casinos

This developer are loved by casinos for many reasons, but one is definitely their innovative backroom engagement tools.

  • Tournaments: Intelligent software design allows all of Red Tiger’s games to be used in slot tournaments with ease, and operators can customise how these work in terms of prizes and games included. This allows casinos to drive more customers to the game’s they want them to play.
  • Smart Spins: Marketing campaigns can be created and analysed by the casinos themselves using Red Tiger’s client back office. They can tailor rewards like unlimited freespins for 1 minute, guaranteed bonus round hits, and motivational progress bars based on each player’s history.
  • Jackpots: These can be added or removed from any Red Tiger game, linked between games of the operator’s choice, and between multiple casino brands too. They can be progressives, daily drops, or guaranteed to drop before a ceiling amount is hit. Casinos can tailor the jackpots to best suit their customer base.

Red Tiger are also very clever in the way a lot of their games play out.

For example, their mafia themed game, Five Families, has no wilds or freespins or anything like that, but it does have a VIP room which players can enter by getting 5 winning spins in a row. Once inside the VIP room the payouts all have a 5x multiplier, and you stay in there until you have 5 losing spins in a row. The thing is, you still have to pay for your spins while you are in there.

It's a bonus round that still costs you money – what a cheek, you might be thinking. It’s a great idea from the operator’s point of view because who is going to stop playing when they are in the VIP room? For players though, the potential for big wins is there too as you only need a lucky couple of spins to make bank, so both sides are happy.

Why Players Love Them

happy slot player

They try to release 2 games a month which means even die hard fans won’t have to wait long before getting something new to try. For a company of their size this is a good number if slightly ambitious; any more and they would risk compromising on quality.

They have also come up with a few of their own in game mechanics such as Power Reels, which gives the games including these features an air of exclusivity.

Red Tiger aren’t proud though, they have acquired a license to use the popular Megaways mechanic from Big Time Gaming, so fans of the developer and the Megaways feature can get the best of both worlds.

This gives players an awful lot of variety in the Red Tiger catalogue, all backed up by the well known brand which gives them confidence in the games they are playing.

It’s good for a player to be able to access the funny, cheeky titles (they have one called What the Fox…) alongside the more traditionally themed games. Red Tiger’s ability to surprise people in this way is appealing, as you never know when they are going to throw a curveball, which creates anticipation around their slot announcements.

The developer is well liked for the overall experience too, as their games are some of the smoothest out there, so players don’t have to put up with and glitches or lag that is down to software issues. Titles from this studio are as reliable as they come.

Since we have spent all this time talking about the company’s games and what they are like, we should probably run through a few of their most popular releases:

Reel King Mega

reel king megaThis is an homage to Astra’s old school favourite of the same name (we’ve no idea how the licensing and copyright works here), and they have stayed true to the original while also bringing the game into the modern day.

The game still has a wonderful retro feel, including more traditional sound effects, and the graphics have been improved while keeping the original style. It’s ultra low volatility and there aren’t too many features either, just wilds, and randomly triggered extra wild feature, and the reel king feature itself.

On occasion, the reels will spin gold instead of blue, and when they all do this at the same time, the king himself will show up carrying his own single reel game. He will play this until he loses, with each spin adding to your balance.

Note: This is not the same game as Reel King Megaways.

Thor’s Lightning

thors lightning Played on an irregular 7x7 grid and utilising winning clusters instead of regular paylines, Thor’s Lightning is a great antidote for player’s who have had their fill of more traditional slots.

Pretty volatile without being too greedy, this game can pay out up to 1,800x and also has 2 different free spins features, both activated in a pretty unique way.

The 9 central squares on the grid are entombed in stone, and are unlocked by landing wins that touch what is essentially one giant freespins symbol. Once they are all unlocked you will trigger one of the two freespins rounds; one that drops only high paying symbols and wilds, another that drops only golden shields that all reveal multipliers at the end of the round.

Pirates’ Plenty

pirates plenty slot Another favourite among players is this swashbuckling themed slot which is an absolute beauty to look at, and has an interesting wild approach to wilds both in the base game and during Ocean Spins.

Ocean Spins unlocks yet more features such as the ability to unlock the sunken treasure, extending your free play and boosting wins from then on; but the most noteworthy aspect to this game is the Treasure real, which is eventually unlocked by collecting map symbols during base play.

Once the Treasure Reel is unlocked it will stay that way until you stop playing or alter your stake, so effectively you have an extra reel for as long as you choose to play. It’s one of those incentives we were talking about earlier, that are good for the casino and the player.

You can win up to 5,000x on this slot and it is also one of their more volatile games.

Rocket Men

rocket men slotWe have already talked about this game’s background, so in terms of gameplay it is a medium volatility slot with 20 paylines and a relatively low max win of 777x.

It also has 3 wilds and 6 comedically named features such as Don’s Driving Range, Kim’s Little Game, Boom Time, and Party Time, which shows The Donald grabbing the bikini wearing behinds of several females. Is the game tasteful? Questionable. Is the game popular? Massively so – with one streamer even calling it the funniest game he’s ever played.

With so many features there is always something around the corner, and the base game itself is thoroughly entertaining too. This all proves that a slot doesn’t have to boast massive winning potential in order to be successful.

Rainbow Jackpots

rainbow jackpots Although it has the potential to be annoying thanks to the Leprechaun that talks to the reels every time a 3rd scatter is a possibility (G’wan g’wan g’wan he says, like Mrs Doyle from Father Ted), it also has the potential to dish out 100 free spins. So that’s something.

You can also instantly bag wins of 1000x by triggering the beer bonus, and in the base game the stacked wilds fall thick and fast while the little Leprechaun fella might also randomly help you out with winning or giant symbols.

Irish theme enthusiasts will find a lot more to love about this game than just the rainbows and pots of gold that adorn the screen.

So there you are – 5 games to try which will give you a good idea of whether or not Red Tiger is the slot developer for you.

Red Tiger Gaming: Company History

red tiger office

Headquartered in the Isle of Man since their launch in 2014, Red Tiger Gaming may be a youngish company but the people leading it are industry veterans, which explains how they have been able to rise to prominence so quickly.

In the beginning, they took a much more well trodden path when it comes to the type of games they were releasing. Fairly basic 5 reel slots were the order of the day, but their finesse with mobile compatibility back when other providers were still struggling made them stand out.

They soon got their thinking hats on and switched up a gear in terms of gameplay too. The game mechanics became more ingenious and exclusive features started cropping up, which could instantly identify a game as a Red Tiger title.

This sort of brand familiarity really paid off, winning them many fans and attracting the attention of much bigger industry fish too.

Red Tiger were approached and bought by NetEnt in 2019, who splashed at least £200 million on the fast-growing studio despite them only netting a profit of £18 million in that year. This shows how high expectations were.

For Red Tiger, this meant easier access to distribution deals which ultimately meant that more players were going to get their hands on the games.

NetEnt themselves were actually acquired by live casino tycoon, Evolution Gaming, in 2020, so technically Red Riger now belongs to them as well. However, the studio still operates independently, meaning all of those great qualities that made Red Tiger so popular in the first place are still evident in their products.

They employ around 200 staff and their games are available throughout Europe and Asia, with licenses from the UK, Malta, Gibraltar, and Alderney gambling commissions.


red tiger awards

As if any more evidence were needed to highlight the quality of Red Tiger Gaming’s products, they have won a shed load of awards over the years to hammer the point home.

They took the gong for Best Mobile Supplier from the EGR B2B awards 3 years in a row between 2018-2020, and the aforementioned Rocket Men won best game of the year in 2018.

Their Daily Drop Jackpot product has also been merited.

Awards for innovation in several areas have been commonplace too, but arguably the most coveted awards they have won have been the 2019 Casino Supplier of the Year award from the Gaming Intelligence Awards, and the 2020 Slot Supplier of the Year from the EGR B2B awards.

They are certainly going to need a bigger trophy cabinet if they carry on at this rate.