Quickspin Casinos

quickspin logo alternativeArguably one of the ‘cooler’ software development companies in the online gambling industry, the first impression that you get from Quickspin is that they are focused on how they appear to their target audience, and they clearly want to come across as contemporary.

They are a forward thinking company unafraid to try new things and push boundaries, and they are well known for their high standards, attracting one of the biggest names in the industry after just 5 years of trading which is certainly telling.

While there are a considerable number of software suppliers to the gambling industry, each taking their own approach to the products they create, few have the same intense single focus as Quickspin, who have never strayed from their initial plan to provide the best slots in the industry.

Quickspin Slots

Over the years, Quickspin has developed a number of impressive and popular slots in line with their philosophy of creating quality, detailed, and innovative products. It was this that set them apart from the crowd and caught the eye of their clients.

Here are a few which we think best showcase the company and what they are all about:

Wild Cauldron

wild cauldron

One of the newest titles to ‘hit the shelves’, Quickspin’s ‘Wild Cauldron’ slot has made an immediate impression in the marketplace. This highly creative game is based around the thrilling, spine-tingling theme of Halloween and everything that comes with it. It is perhaps unique to the marketplace too, as there isn’t really a high quality slot around the Halloween theme, not from a graphical point of view anyway.

A highly volatile slot, this comes brimming with locked symbols, expanding reels, a multiplier, tumble mechanics, respins, and free spins bonuses. It is evident that the maths have been carefully considered too, beginning with a 6 x 4 grid as well as 4096 bet ways.

With each tumble that gives you a winning combination, your number of bet ways are increased in the tumble sequence. This adds another one row of symbols up to a maximum of eight rows, which means at full capacity the grid grows to an 8 x 6 space and 262,144 bet ways.

After collecting four or more bonus scatter symbols in a single sequence tumble, this automatically gives you a free spin bonus. The number of free spins is contingent on how many scatter symbols are included in the trigger which releases the free spins, however, the absolute maximum is six scatter symbols and this subsequently gives you 12 free spins.

You will find another two scatter symbols within freespins, and these give you two more free spins. The Expanded Ways and Win Multipliers are both ever present for the duration of the bonus game too.

From a Win Multiplier perspective, should you be given a wild symbol on the reels during any tumble sequence, this will increase the Win Multiplier by another one unit. At the end of each sequence the Multiplier will reset, however, this can reach up to seven on a single spin.

This really is an absorbing well crafted slot that is full of features and depth, and it perfectly embodies everything that you would expect from Quickspin.

Skulls UP

skulls up

A slot which certainly leaves nothing to the imagination, this tropical island orientated game will have you dreaming of parrots, pirates and monkeys alike as you embark on a quest for treasure. Played over five reels, it has everything from free spins, respins, and wilds, all aptly themed.

After you spin three treasure chest symbols, this prompts the ‘Flaming Free Spins’ bonus, which gives you six free spins. This feature also has the ‘Flaming Re-Spin’ associated with it. This means that the increased height that is caused by the ‘Flaming Respins’ does not decrease in size after the respins have finished, while the exciting ‘Skull Wilds’ increase the reel height even when outside of a ‘Flaming Respin’.

In what is another novel feature, two additional free spins are then given for every reel which increases to six symbols in height. The ‘Flaming Free Spins’ bonus then continues until there are no free spins remaining. You can really get on a roll with this one.

Polar Paws

polar paws

A slot which really captures the spirit of Christmas, this wondrous Winter Wonderland game is dominated by polar bears set against a backdrop of white in addition to an elf who generously distributes gifts. Highly interactive, this slot combines a festive theme with popular game features, such as Wilds, Multiplier Wilds where you can win up to four times your stake, and a highly enticing Free Spins bonus.

The Free Spins bonus consists of a Polar Bears turn Wild feature and you have to then collect Elf Progress Scatter symbols which turn the Polar Bear symbols into Wild symbols for the remainder of the bonus game.

For every Multiplier Wild symbol that you receive in a particular game round, a multiplier will be added onto your total win, this then acts as a normal Wild symbol. Should you then get all three Multiplier Wilds you will win four times your initial wager. Meanwhile, a Regular Wild symbol acts as a substitute for all symbols (apart from Multiplier Wilds, Free Spins Scatters and Christmas Elf Progress scatter symbols).

Arguably one of the most impressive features of this slot is that upon getting three wild symbols you then receive 10 free spins. The Free Spins bonus includes the Polar Bears turn Wild feature which considerably adds to the uniqueness and excitement of the overall experience.

Golden Glyph

golden glyph

You would be forgiven for thinking that this slot is a sequel to an Indiana Jones movie; it certainly inspires those of an adventurous nature. A visually enticing slot that is full of features, it comprises of a 7 x7 grid which makes it perfect for Quickspin’s portrait design. Features that you can find when playing Golden Glyph, include Tumble Mechanics, a Power Wild feature, and a Power-Up feature with four magical power-ups consisting of Blaze of Fire, Golden Scarab, Eye of Horus, and a Free Spins bonus.

The Golden Scarab distributes wealth across the grid in the form of four to 10 wilds; the Eye of Horus utilises its magic powers to take away the lower paying symbols which turns them into payouts; the Blaze of Fire burns all of the normal symbols that are in its way on any row or column and turns them into payouts.

Deserving a particularly special mention is the Golden Glyph wild which is subsequently in the Free Spins bonus, where you can win up to 13,000 times your original wager.

Perhaps the best thing about this slot is that it is great if you like versatility because it really captures your imagination. With an almost endless amount of creativity, Quickspin have developed a slot which ensnares the senses and delivers an enthralling experience.

Wild Chase - Tokyo Go

wild chase tokyo go quickspin As the name would suggest, this is based on a high octane super car journey around the Japanese capital. What is particularly impressive with this slot is the graphics and aesthetic style, which really showcase what Quickspin can do.

With an unusual 3,3,4,4,5 reel layout and beginning with a possible 76 ways to win, the potential for landing winning paylines considerably increases when consecutive wins are achieved, reaching a climax of the Super Respin where you have 259 different ways to win.

Hall of the Mountain King

hall of the mountain kingThis was one of the most exciting releases of its’ day when it was first launched, due to the fact that it centred on such a great theme that stood out as unique among a lot of other 'samey' slots.

Packed with free spins, stacked wilds, multiplier upgrades, symbol replacements, and whirling wilds, Hall of the Mountain King is as immersive as they come and has plaenty to keep players interested as they wait for the feature round.

The Epic Journey

the epic journey The name drops a big clue as to the theme, since this is slot is cleverly centred on the Jules Verne classic novel ‘Journey to the Centre of the Earth’ which was also made into a movie. If you want a dose of classic adventure then this one could be for you.

As a result this is full to the brim with stunning graphics, bursting with colour, and will leave you in awe. Offering players the Volcano feature, Fossil Hunt bonus, Mushroom Pick bonus and the Wild heavy Safari free spins, it is obvious from the start that you are set for an awesome play session.


sinbad One of fiction’s most loved characters returns to the screen in slot form with this Quickspin special. It offers superb graphics and audio effects, but perhaps the even better benefits come in the form of the gameplay, which has everything from randomly stacked reels, free spins, ape bonus, roc bonus and the snake bonus. 

Each one of these focuses on a player’s level of risk, with different kinds of rewards available for each. This is definitely one slot which promises a great amount of fun.

Wild Tome of the Woods

wild tome of the woods This action packed 4 x 6 slot which features 26 bet lines is as magical as they come, with beautiful graphics depicting scenes of a lush and vibrant forest and complete with all of the animals that live there. There's something gentle and comforting about it too.

It is actually based on Whittlewood Forest in Northamptonshire, and this game focuses on quirky animals and bendy trees which really helps to capture the imagination and paint a picture of rural England.

The Three Musketeers

three musketeers It’s all for one and one for all with this next game on the list. Based on the classic film, this blockbuster slot is armed to the teeth with huge multiplier wilds which help you to win big.

This Quickspin special will really appeal to those who like a bit of action with a healthy dose of humour thrown in thanks to the amusing design.

With highly innovative gameplay hightening that comedic streak, this slot is definitely worth checking out and for multiple reasons too.

King Colossus

king colossus This slot is all about the King Colossus symbol, a huge symbol which can cover the entire three centre reels. This is available via the free spins, however you can also get the randomly locked wild symbols. The huge King Colossus symbol covers a 3 x 3 symbol grid and connects the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels together.

Due to the fact that you do have the chance to win big in an easier fashion than other slots, this slot is certainly worth a try, despite being less entertaining than usual for a Quickspin release.

A Historical Overview of Quickspin

daniel lindberg There is actually more to Quickspin than meets the eye. They were formed in 2011 in Sweden by three friends who were already veterans of the online gambling industry, and they had an ambition to ‘shake things up’ in the market. Disillusioned with what was currently being offered in terms of the types of slots and their quality, they identified a new approach to the sector and knew exactly what they were aiming for – games they would want to play themselves.

Headquartered in the heart of Stockholm which is a thriving online gambling hub, Quickspin soon began to establish a foothold in the industry. Led by CEO Daniel Lindberg and CCO Mats Westerland, it was obvious from the beginning that the company was in good hands - well positioned to be able to grow organically, yet at the same time equipped with enough expertise to follow a defined strategy.

The online gambling industry was starting to go through something of a transition at the time, especially from an operator perspective, and software companies were recognising that there were micro niches which would become popular with players over the following years. This was at the same time that the global financial crisis (which the gambling industry seemed largely unaffected by) was slowly coming to an end. It was almost unheard of for new businesses to flourish in this period, however, the GDP in Sweden stayed quite strong during the crisis, and Quickspin had a number of institutions providing the capital needed and were self-sustaining.

It meant that Quickspin could be quick off the mark, with their agility being a crucial component in the success that they would go on to experience. They already had a number of slot ideas lined up, and got to work immediately after renting a small office in conjunction with another firm. It was here that they created their first slot, ‘Rapunzel’s Tower’.

At the time, the company employed only one programmer and one visual artist so this was quite a challenge, but the dynamic trio have since looked back at the fun they had during this fledgling period.

Mastering their Niche

quickspin gears Despite having some capital, Westerland remembers that they needed to be, as he puts it, “smart with developing”; however, they did outsource the mathematical requirements while working on as much of a shoestring as they could in other areas.

This also meant that Quickspin could put all of their energy and focus into creating this new slot without any other distractions. They clearly did a good job too, as they have since redeveloped and released their inaugural game for use with more modern platforms, which would not have been worth the investment had the original been a bust.

Although a lot of other software companies diversify their offering, venturing into online table games, bingo, lottery and sports, the message at Quickspin was clear from the start; to focus solely on delivering high quality slots. This gave them a clear identity which many other companies struggled to achieve, and their reputation for excellence in this area grew at pace.

One of the keys to creating an effective business, especially in the modern day online gaming industry, is to create a micro niche, and quality online slots was Quickspin’s. Even today, the company are still adamant about what they do; Quickspin make slots, and they make them well – they are the WD40 of the online gaming world.

Following five years of steady progress, releasing more games and onboarding clients who were as forward thinking as them, software giant Playtech picked up Quickspin’s scent, and what would happen next was obvious. The goal for Quickspin was never to dominate the sector as a whole, but more to carve out a reputation for being the best in one single area, and that is just what Playtech were looking for.

Playtech Calls

playtechWhen Playtech comes calling, you know that you must be doing something right. The Israeli company made their interest known in 2016, and agreed to pay 24 million euros up front with an understanding that another 26 million would follow based on a maximum of up to six times Quickspin’s earnings in 2018. To give you an idea of what that figure might have been; in 2015, Quickspin reported earnings of 2.1 million euros and a revenue total of 6 million.

To help with the transition period, the three founders of Quickspin also agreed to stay with the company for a minimum of three years after the completion of the acquisition, since consistency was the key for Playtech.

Playtech stated that the acquisition would go a long way towards increasing its existing portfolio of slots as well as burgeoning the company’s position in the Scandinavian markets, something that was a key part of their growth strategy at the time.

Quickspin have been able to continue doing what they do best under the Playtech banner, and now employ over 100 members of staff working from offices in Stockholm, Malta, and Kiev.

What Does the Future Hold for Quickspin?

quickspin awesome slotsThe future of Quickspin is exciting, and thanks to its alliance with Playtech who allows it to operate in a fairly autonomous manner, it can continue to focus on what it does best with all of the benefits Playtech can offer. It is essentially an innovative slots laboratory with excellent resources and connections.

With advancements in technology over the last few years, particularly in the online gambling industry, there is certainly a lot more potential for development especially when you consider in roads that are being made in such niches as machine learning and artificial intelligence. While the company is not the biggest software provider in the online gambling industry, they are slot focussed, so it’s safe to assume that they would be at the forefront of introducing new tech to the sector.

It is hard to imagine Quickspin diversifying their product offering over the next few years, especially when considering that they have been mainly focused on slots ever since the company was founded, but if a new tech craze is on its way you can bet that Quickspin will be on top of it.


While we have done our best to cover everything there is to know about Quickspin, we appreciate that there still might be things that you are unsure of, which is why we have endeavoured to anticipate some questions that you may have and attempted to answer them as best as we can below.

How has Playtech Changed Quickspin?

Essentially nothing has changed as far as daily operations are concerned, and Playtech trust Quickspin to run the company in the way they see fit. This level of trust has allowed the company to carry on in the same vein as always. Because Playtech have their own teams of developers, there is no need for them to get involved on Quickspin projects unless needed, which means Playtech simply enhance what Quickspin were already capable of.

How does Quickspin Compare to Other Developers?

Quickspin have always had the confidence that they were developing quality slots with their own unique blueprint, and this means their slots are easy to spot if you know what you are looking for. Their trademarks are sharp, colourful, humorous graphics and lots of features. Of course their orange branded control bar on each game is also a bit of a giveaway. To be honest though, since they are a premium slot studio operating under a huge brand (Playtech) it’s hard to compare them to companies such as Microgaming and NetEnt, since they are much older companies with rich histories and interests in many areas of the industry other than just slots.

How do Quickspin Slots Work on Mobile?

All of Quickspin’s slots are now developed with mobile in mind. The whole industry knows that more players spin the reels on a device than a desktop these days, so any company not prioritising mobile functionality would be dead in the water. Quickspin recognised this early on though, and have even gone back over some of their earliest releases to optimise them for modern day tech and make all of their portfolio work sublimely on mobile, with no compromises on appearance, speed, or gameplay.

How do I Find a Slot Developed by Quickspin?

There are a wide variety of online casinos who offer Quickspin slots to their players and there are a number of ways to find them. Unfortunately there is no easy list to consult as the industry is ever changing, but on some online casino sites you can use a search bar function which allows you to look for slots by a certain developer. You could also go to the Quickspin site direct and find a slot you like the look of, before searching for that game directly at some of the online casinos listed on this site.

Are Quickspin Slots Fair?

Every company that directly supplies any form of gambling product to the UK market is regulated by the UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission), and this means they have passed certain checks and tests for fairness and proper practice. The games are also independently tested for fairness, and with Quickspin being owned by one of the biggest and most well respected software providers in the world, you can rest easy that everything is as it should be.