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nyx logo Established in 2006, NYX Interactive had a unique business model focussing around a paradigm shift in response to clever online changes within the online gambling industry.

What was most important to the company was being able to differentiate itself from its competition and put its own stamp on the industry as a whole. Being predominantly a software supplier in a highly competitive sector they knew their products had to be unique, and they were one of the few ‘new’ developers innovative enough in their niche to stand out.

They were established in Sweden, which is a major hub for online gambling and has grown considerably over the last two decades, but to understand the company as they are now, we must first go back to where they first began. To that end, after explaining the companies products and services, we will take a deep dive into their history.

Best NYX Casino Sites

Biggest & Most Popular NYX Slot Titles

We cannot talk about NYX Interactive without going into further detail about one of their strongest assets - their impressive portfolio of video slot games.

We will go on to explain how the company set themselves apart in this genre, but the games listed below were special even by NYX’s standards.

Glorious Empire

nyx glorious empire With an RTP (Return to Player) rate of 96.93% and a medium to high slot variance level, Glorious Empire still makes for a highly attractive slot game even today.

With 40 paylines and abundant wilds, plus reels which pay both ways, players get to navigate their way through a slot which immerses you in history, taking you back to ancient times.

Also comprising of free spins and scatter symbols, it is easy to see why this has been such an attractive slot game since it was released.

Justice League

nyx justice league A game to really marvel at (pun absolutely intended), this slot is themed around the blockbuster franchise that has gained millions of fans over the years.

You also get to hang out with the whole crowd; Superman, Batman, and even Aquaman, surrounded by stunning visuals and a high level of interactivity across the 5 reels and 40 paylines.

With scatter symbols which fly across the screen faster than a speeding bullet, and scatter symbols that would even Spiderman’s web would struggle to contain, this slot was a huge hit among DC Comics fans and non fans alike.

King Kong

nyx king kong Also available through the NYX platform is another movie inspired slot consisting of 20 paylines and 5 reels, though rest assured, there is no monkey business here.

Very well-executed with graphics which are almost on par with the film franchise itself, players can enjoy a superb level of interactivity.

This includes being able to choose between ‘jungle mode’ and ‘big city mode’, and if you want to switch between themes each one is aesthetically just as impressive as the other. With wilds galore and the chance to win free spins, King Kong is definitely a slot that you can go bananas with for hours.

Volcano Eruption

nyx volcano eruptionThis five reel, 25 payline slot game is very visually stimulating and great for players of all abilities. It isn't as graphically accomplished as the others on the list but looks aren't always everything.

Set in amongst a jungle theme with scatter symbols, wilds, and bonus features darting across the screen, the strength of the setting and the excellent effects make for a particularly absorbing experience.

It is a simpler game than the others on the list in some ways, but it's no less entertaining for that.

The Open Gaming System

nyx open gaming system

In 2012, after years of creating industry leading consumer content, NYX launched the OGS (The Open Gaming System), a game integration platform which was famously easy to integrate. This soon made them award winners in the Business to Business (B2B) arena, and their clients loved how easily they could access and provide games from different developers using this platform.

The difference between this and other products of its type was that the OGS did all of the heavy lifting. It was previously only available to clients using a specific platform, but the new build made the platform mass market and available to every online gaming operator in the gaming space.

CEO David Flynn predicted the OGS’ success at the time of launch when he said: “The NYX Open Gaming System is unlike any product that NYX has created previously, I am certain it will become known as The Open Gaming System in the industry”

He was right.

Just before Scientific Games made their interest known one of the biggest casinos in the world, Caesars, decided to make use of NYX’s offering as part of their continued growth strategy, which was a fine endorsement indeed.

Entering the Bingo Market

nyx bingo The company had also started to create leading bingo software, realising before many others that this would soon become a major market in the years that followed. Their software was particularly ground breaking for the time as it allowed clients to fully customise the aesthetics of their site while maintaining player enjoyment and interactivity.

It reflected a lot of the core values that NYX held close to their heart as a brand; it replicated the same high quality finish that was consistent with a lot of their products and solutions, which not only made it desirable but also ensured that they were highly regarded in the marketplace.

CEO at the time, Staffan Lindgren, was keen to emphasise the product’s perfect balance between being suitably flexible and also responsive so that it almost mirrored a ‘live bingo’ experience, indicating that as suppliers of bingo software the company would start competing in design as a solution to stay at the top of the game.

NYX were particularly eager to impress upon clients the unique features that it had brought to the market via this product, giving more options to the player which was key in ensuring player sign ups stayed at a good level. This included players not needing to leave the bingo room in order to view their gameplay history, manage their account, activate the transferral of funds, or even change the game that they were playing. Perhaps one of the best features though, was that instead of signing up via the main game lobby, they could do so via the bingo room that they wanted to play in, which was far more convenient for the user.

At their height, NYX Interactive had 12 different bingo sites, so as well as being a software provider they were also an operator as well, which added considerable weight to their reputation in the industry. These included Casimba, Little Miss Bingo, Just Cash Bingo, and the highly regarded Leo Vegas among others; the latter becoming a considerable feather in NYX’s cap and definitely a major selling point for Scientific Games.

History of NYX Interactive Gaming Group

nyx gamesSeven years after the first gambling companies started to appear on the internet, the online gambling industry was on a curve of upward momentum. It was an area ripe for investment and development, and NYX were ready to take full advantage of this when they set up shop in 2006.

They realised that there was still potential in what was an already crowded marketplace, but it would be important for them to stand out and have a solid brand identity. Being a software start-up in the online gambling industry is particularly hard, even if you were well financed, but NYX created 100s of slots focussing on user interactivity in their first two years. This helped them no end during the recession of 2008. It set them apart and their brand name became associated with this style of game.

Unique online slot development was still an area which had a lot of promise and it was important that players were kept interested. NYX didn’t rest on their laurels, instead focussing on what would be important to their client’s target market – visuals.

This led to the creation and development of slots that were almost on another level compared to the rest of the industry, with stunning visuals and industry leading audio that fully immersed the player.

Tripling the Headcount

nyx lottery They also realised that if they used uplifting music each time that a player won, it would activate emotional euphoric triggers which invariably meant that players would keep playing. This combined with an interactive element which got players involved in the story of the slot would keep players hooked and casinos happy. The vast amount of research undertaken to realise this alongside a strategic recruitment campaign virtually tripled the company’s headcount across their development, design, and branding teams. In the years that ensued their army of staff developed 100s of different slots, and were prime suppliers to some of the leading operators in the world of online gambling.

As well as the online casino niche though, they were also moving into different market sectors including the increasingly popular online bingo market which was experiencing a surge in demand, as well as making inroads with online lottery.

It was this level of differentiation and innovation that appealed to US based Scientific Games who in 2016 were looking to expand their portfolio from a strategic perspective, and NYX Interactive were one of a shortlist of brands that they were looking at. The company were officially bought by Scientific Games for $631 million in what was seen as a symbiotic and synergistic relationship, with plans for NYX Interactive to continue in the same direction, focussing on high tech solutions and leveraging new developments in cutting edge technology.

Birth of a New Company

sg digital logoPerhaps the most interesting part of this is that Scientific Games then created SG Digital which was a combination of NYX Interactive and Scientific Games Interactive themselves, although NYX was ultimately operated by SG Digital.

This was essentially now the digital division of Scientific Games – who were one of those companies in operation before the birth of the internet – which meant that NYX were able to use this as part of their online offering to clients. It also was in line with the company’s philosophy of ensuring that whatever they did was forensically structured and that each part of their organisation had a purpose which made sense.

For SG, utilising what was already a highly respected and comprehensive portfolio of products that had been developed by NYX Interactive, and combining it with extensive expertise in online marketing made total sense. They had a new wing to their business boxed up and ready to go straight out of the packet.

What does the Future Hold for NYX Interactive?

nyx sg digital map

Perhaps a redundant question due to the fact that NYX Interactive was rebranded as SG Digital following their acquisition, but we can answer from SG’s point of view since they are now one and the same company.

They say that two heads are better than one, and this certainly seems to be true here. The fact is that technology will always play a major part in the future of online gambling, and this perfectly marries up with the Scientific Games mentality and the old NYX’s capabilities. In short, we expect more of the same.

The company will probably look to leverage new markets when the time is right, but considering they already have a strong foothold in the slots, bingo, and lottery markets there aren’t too many new directions to go in. They can however double down and bolster what they already have.

Although big in their native America and over here in the UK, there are always new territories to explore, so expansion might be another possibility. But they already have offices all over Western Europe, the USA, and Australia, so again, they are running out of options.


While we have done our best to provide a comprehensive overview of NYX Interactive we understand that there still might be aspects that we may not have covered, or at least in great detail, so we have preempted any questions that you might have and endeavoured to answer them in as much detail as possible below.

Does NYX Interactive Still Exist?

While they still do have a website to speak of which gives a brief overview of what they do, this is more for historical purposes and to demo their games. As an operational business they are now known as SG Interactive, which was created when Scientific Games bought them.

However, all of the products and services that they were already offering was merged into SG Digital and is still there along with all of the new content that has been produced under the new banner. So NYX do not technically exist in the same way that they used to, but they do live on.

How Do NYX Games Perform on Mobile?

If you are worried that NYX’s old games might play badly on mobile since the company’s acquisition then you needn’t fret. NYX were, for all intents and purposes, a technology company.

They may have started making games before mobile gaming was a thing, but like so many others they have gone back to their popular titles that are still out there and optimised them for mobile play. It goes without saying that any newer titles will have been created with mobile gamers in mind too.

With a focus on simplicity, functionality and interactivity, their software solutions are up there with best when it comes mobile devices.

What do NYX Interactive (SG Digital) Do Well?

Upon forming, SG digital realised that they had a number of high value and popular products which had been created by NYX and that they should continue in the same vein. As a result, NYX’s reputation for immersion a stunning visuals lives on through SG Digital.

Furthermore, the Open Gaming System also proved to be a huge hit, especially across America where the company are based. Their game aggregation platform was one of the simplest and most flexible available, allowing for access to some of the best titles in the industry and new omni channel content each month, so they are also excellent from a B2B point of view.