InTouch Games

intouch games logo InTouch Games might not be the most famous software provider in the industry, but they certainly have noteworthy reputation in the marketplace as well as a unique approach to the industry.

They are a bold and brave outfit, unafraid to stand on their own two feet and make big decisions, and this has seen them amass a huge customer base as their portfolio has developed, as well as plenty of recognition from the industry as a whole.

They not only run a handful of their own online casino sites, but they also develop all of the games on those sites themselves, making them entirely independent and a breath of fresh air for players bored of seeing the same slots at every site they visit.

In this guide, we will cover everything from how InTouch Games started, their brands, the kinds of slots that they develop, as well as what sets them apart from other software providers in the industry.

Best InTouch Casino Sites

InTouch Games Brands

One of the cleverest and arguably most unique aspects of InTouch Games is that they are not reliant on anyone else and have full control of their own destiny. This allows them the freedom to experiment and create new brands that will appeal to various different demographics a player types.

All of their brands are different, and although they might have exclusive games, an emphasis on social media and text messages for bonus offers, and 24/7 customer support in common, they are all distinct in other ways.


mfortune logo InTouch Game’s first and flagship brand. When it launched in 2007, this was off the back of no shortage of detailed research and hard work. mFortune has well in excess of 50 very well designed slots with a huge emphasis on customer experience.

Unusually for the online casino world, although not for InTouch Games, all games feature progressive jackpots. The key thing with mFortune though was that it focussed on mobile users at a time when few others were doing the same. This offers a good mixture of slots, casino, and bingo games.


pocket win logo In 2010, InTouch Games launched PocketWin, an online casino more obviously aimed at mobile gaming and even offering customers a pay by phone bill depositing option alongside unlimited withdrawals.

Although similar in many ways, PocketWin has the ‘feel’ of a more traditional online casino with a little more emphasis on roulette and blackjack, and bingo is available too. With 40+ exclusive slots it is almost as busy as mFortune, with the blueprint of the site the same: quality over quantity.

Mr Spin

mr spin logo It was some years before InTouch Games launched its third online casino brand, Mr. Spin, but in 2016 it hit the internet. The site had a huge draw with regards to its branding and as a result they quickly started to establish impressive levels of customer acquisition.

This is a site for simpler tastes, offering over 40 slots, bingo, and roulette only, but the progressive jackpot runs across all games on site so Mr. Spin can usually boast the highest jackpot of all sites operated by InTouch Games. Originally designed exclusively for mobile and boasting games running on the highly agile HTML5 platform that is now commonplace, Mr. Spin has been made available to desktop users as well in recent times.

Dr Slot

dr slot logo Offering unique games that you can’t even play on other InTouch Games casinos; Dr Slot was launched in 2018 and now boasts more than 30 titles. It’s another site that was originally intended for mobile use only but can now be played via desktop, although in contrast to all of the other sites run by the company Dr. Slot is solely for slots enthusiasts and no other game types are available.

As usual for InTouch Games though, all slots come with their own progressive jackpot. This is also the only casino of theirs that comes with a ‘theme’ or a story, as The Dr is referenced a lot and apparently the site was created when an experiment with a fruit machine went awry…

Cashmo Casino

cashmo logo In early 2019 and hot on the heels of Dr. Slot, the company launched Cashmo Casino, which differed in the way it was branded but was similar in many other ways, and still just as effective in the way that it performed on mobile.

It’s another casino that only offers slots, and the second of InTouch’s brands that provides a single progressive jackpot running through all of the games. There are approaching 40 slots to try, and again, they are unique to the site so you will find new content if you haven’t played here before.


casino2020 logo With a much simpler, cleaner, and gimmick free interface, InTouch Game’s sixth brand was launched at the tail end of 2019, just in time for its name to make sense; Casino2020.

An instant hit with existing customers and doing a good job of attracting new ones too, their latest brand feels like an online casino for the modern age, and they like to promote their winners in real time which makes the site feel vibrant and alive. This is the place for those that like no-nonsense gaming and up to date features like paying by phone bill and new bang up to date games every month.

Most Notable Games

What with having six brands to look after, it means that InTouch Games have developed a hugely impressive portfolio of slot games to populate them over the past decade, gaining them a loyal following of fans.

Some of their titles have become firm favourites, and are akin to the company’s calling cards, so let’s have a look at what they are and which sites you can find them at.

Alice in Wongaland [PocketWin]

intouch alice in wongaland This highly intuitive five reel, 20 payline slot can be played from just 2p per spin and is packed with wild symbols, free spins, and mini games. This makes it perfect for those on more modest budgets who still want plenty of action.

Bursting with colour, with an engaging plot that has you hooked from the beginning as well as distinctive audio, this game is highly sought after. Being based on one of the most famous books of all time probably doesn't hurt either.

Bonnie & Clyde: Jackpot Jailbreakers [Mr Spin]

intouch bonnie and clyde Based on the notorious US robbers who travelled the length and breadth of the country committing crimes, this particularly intuitive slot is crammed with features, including a host of symbols and free spins.

This five reel, 20 payline slot is designed in such a way that to win the progressive prize fund you have to line up five jackpot symbols on the same payline. A tough ask, but one that keeps the adrenaline pumping.

Frankenstein Monster Mash-up [Mr Spin]

intouch frankenstein monster mash up A slot of monster proportions, this one features a variety of different characters, all of which form part of winning streaks across the five reels and 15 paylines.

Packed with a vast number of free spins, wild symbols and special features, the absolute dream scenario is winning the progressive, although with special wild symbols having a 500x maximum multiplier in the base game you can still win big without it.

Gold MacDonald [mFortune]

intouch gold macdonald Based around the classic nursery rhyme as opposed to the popular fast food chain, this vibrant slot is alive with adorable, fluffy farm animals, all displayed in a field which acts as a grid, resembling the reels. If you take a peek inside the barn you can see where the farmer keeps his wealth, too.

It’s a five reel slot with 15 paylines, and there are also plenty of opportunities to trigger free spins. All in all, this is a highly engaging slot and very cleverly made, with the appearance more like a social media of mobile phone video game than a slot.

Iced Wins [PocketWin]

intouch iced wins A slot based around ice creams and iced lollies, this slot is great for those wanting to revisit the summers of their childhood.

Each symbol is a colourful picture of a popular iced lolly or ice cream, and with 5 reels and 20 paylines there are significant amounts to be won on this slot when you factor in the amount of wilds and scatter symbols that you are bound to encounter.

Jurassic Wins [Mr Spin]

intouch jurassic winsSimply put, the graphics on this slot are some of the best you will see - they really encapsulate the theme of the game.

Lovingly ripped off from the Jurassic Park movies, the symbols even feature some of the main characters in animation form. Boasting five reels and nine paylines, the wild symbols barely scratch the surface when considering the amount of ways there are to win big.

Robinson Riches [mFortune]

intouch robinson richesBased on the popular novel, Robinson Crusoe, this five reel, 15 payline slot has a progressive jackpot, free spins, and plenty of wild symbols, and it is your job to navigate the pirate filled waters and generate winnings.

Complete with engaging gameplay and colourful graphics, this is one slot that has everything that you need for an adventure filled experience.

Saving Jane [Pocket Win]

intouch saving janeA slot which is based around the highly popular story of Tarzan, the relaxing music and well designed graphics are more than enough to keep you interested, but the gameplay doesn’t disappoint either.

Operating along five reels and featuring 15 adjustable paylines, this is one of the most popular slots that InTouch Games have with their PocketWin brand, and it is easy to understand why when you discover the mini game and unearth those multipliers.

Sherlock: Murdered to Death [mFortune]

intouch sherlock murdered to deathA slot with a grizzly title that definitely inspires intrigue, this game features the world famous detective, Sherlock Holmes, in a game that will leave you breathless.

This five reel, 15 payline slot sees you tracking down a killer and is packed with wild symbols and free spins to help you in your quest. You could also win the progressive jackpot. This is a very different kind of slot which has been cleverly and intuitively designed by InTouch Games.

About InTouch Games: An Independent Operator

intouch games artisit

InTouch Games was born in 2001 when founder Simon Wilson opened the headquarters in Birmingham, primarily as a physical slot machine manufacturer to supply the retail pub trade and independent bookmakers.

They swiftly secured contracts with a wide number of establishments and this was key in helping them to lay a firm financial foundation from which to build future success.

During these early years the company experienced rapid growth and were soon one of the leading slot machine suppliers to the pub industry, covering the majority of the UK. It was time for their next step.

The company introduced the Sound Storm Digital MP3 jukebox in 2006 while they also became a nominated supplier to a number of the UK’s largest pub organisations, including Marston’s, Admiral Taverns, and Scottish & Newcastle.

However, the digital age was dawning and Wilson saw an opportunity to capitalise.

Taking the Business Online

intouch devices

In 2006, arguably a little late, InTouch Games made the move into the online gambling industry. Many other big name competitors such as Playtech, NetEnt, and Microgaming had already made strong inroads in the sector and seemed to have it sewn up, but InTouch formulated a slightly different strategy.

A year later in 2007, the company launched their own online brand called mFortune, and in a bid to differentiate themselves from the marketplace they focussed the brand on mobile gaming, which was yet to really take off as a concept. This brand was launched at the ICE conference in Earl’s Court, London with four products initially; blackjack, roulette, slots, and poker.

Not only that, but mFortune would only offer games developed in house by InTouch games themselves. This was an incredibly bold move, as almost every other online casino was striking deals with major game developers in order to offer famous titles.

Unperturbed, mFortune added the eagerly anticipated Pirate’s Treasure slot game to their library in 2008 which became an instant hit, as well as diversifying further by launching a bingo product. Online bingo was becoming popular across the UK and dedicated brands had already started to launch, so the company had to act fast.

More slot games arrived a year later in the form of Vegas Vegas and Cat and Mouse, and these also quickly gained their fair share of fans. With the site starting to attract more and more visitors on a regular basis, it became clear that offering only proprietary games was far from limiting, in fact it was why their customers liked them.

This had the added benefit of allowing everything to be handled internally which made the business much easier and more cost effective to manage. Where other brands had to consult and strike deals with developers, mFortune and InTocuh Games handled everything themselves, from the ideation process, development, design, and implementation of each slot.

Winning Awards

intouch awards

A landmark year arrived in the form of 2010, when InTouch Games separated their leisure machine and mobile phone casino activities. Plus, after much success with mFortune, InTouch Games launched their second online casino brand, PocketWin.

From 2011, the company really ramped up their online venture, firstly by increasing the size of their customer service team, and secondly by hiring their first marketing employees to boost acquisition and help with branding. Their new beefed up customer service department could now offer a 24-hour service, with employees working in shifts to cater for night owls and those in different time zones.

The company was now attracting significant attention, and in 2012 InTouch Games won their first major accolades, taking home the Product of the Year prize at the EGR Operator Awards in addition to Best Bingo Operator and Best Poker Operator at the mGaming Awards. At barely six years old, this was a major achievement.

A few years down the line and InTouch Games moved all development to the UK in a strategic decision to help with efficiency, while their first graphic design and development roles were recruited adding a further 40 people to their company headcount.

After this change to company infrastructure, the company launched their first UK grown games. There were eight of them and they seemed to strike a chord with players, so much so that InTouch hired another 40 employees to keep up with demand.

Calling Halesowen Home

intouch office

By 2016, the company could count 200 employees across several different departments and this required a larger office, which they found in Halesowen in the Midlands not far from where it all began. They marked the occasion by launching their third casino brand, Mr Spin.

One year later it was time for expansion, and InTouch Games opened their Taiwan office. Recruitment wasn’t difficult for them as they were also awarded a 1 star accreditation in the Best Company to Work for Awards, and things were about to get even better for their employees.

A fourth online casino brand was launched in 2018 in the form of Dr Slot, with eight exclusive games and promising a new unique game every month of that year. In the physical world, they also opened their own free company gym and canteen for their 300 staff.

Their fifth brand, Cashmo Casino, launched in January of 2019 and was quickly followed by their sixth which they called Casino 2020, opening at the tail end of the year. By this point, their customer base had grown to an impressive four million players enjoying their products on a regular basis, their staff numbers had surpassed 400, and they had numerous awards under their belt.


Questions, questions, questions, there are always more questions. We have answered a few here that didn't really fit into any of the sections above, although we have tried to cover everything as extensively as possible.

How do InTouch Games Differ from Other Software Providers?

In oh so many ways. The fact that they are also a casino operator is one obvious difference – most providers simply design the games - and they have their own style in the creation of their games too.

Looking at them solely as a software provider though, unlike most, they only have a single client - themselves. Typically, most other providers lease their games to as many operators as possible in order to make the most money. In Touch Games only make titles for their own brands, so they have an altogether different blueprint. What’s more, given that exclusivity is the company’s main USP, it’s unlikely that they will stray from this path any time soon.

Will InTouch Games Expand into Other Territories?

Having built up a substantial customer base in the UK, there are strong foundations in place for potential expansion, particularly in Europe. The company have additional offices in Taiwan and Bucharest as it is, so they have already ‘expanded’ in some respects.

One of their strengths, as they have proved, is that they are capable of quickly creating fresh, effective, strong branding for new casino sites, so should expansion happen it is likely that they will do it by launching targeted brands at one specific area and creating slots based on cultural trends that will appeal to players in those specific regions. The US is an option as well, but having no links there could make it difficult for them to compete initially.

Why Should I Choose an InTouch Games Casino?

Ultimately, if you are looking for something genuinely unique then these guys can offer you that in spades. What’s more, mobile gamers have been at the heart if everything the company does since their first brand went live, so if you game most often on a device you can rely on InTouch to deliver the goods.

Plus, with six different brands to choose from you can get their games on a site that suits you and your tastes.

How do I get ‘InTouch’ with InTouch Games?

Their corporate website has all of the requisite contact information that you need in order to reach out to them directly on the Contact Us page, and their dedicated customer service team is always on hand to answer any queries that you may have about their products or services.

If you have a question regarding a specific site then it’s probably best to go through the customer service channels on the site you are enquiring about.

You can contact them via post, email, an online contact form, or by telephone.