Gamesys Casinos

gamesys 2The best way to describe what Gamesys games are like is by looking at one of their most popular casino brands, Virgin Games. They always seem to generate a unique style that is clean and fun but also highly professional and reliable. Gamesys is very similar and this is probably why they bought the brand in the first place, they share a similar vision.

Of course Gamesys provide games across the board and to other brands too, they are not a single brand operation. They are bigger than you might think too, employing over one thousand people with over 40 million registered players that use their games regularly.

The company is famed for its suite of jackpot titles and its innovative graphic rich array of attractive slot games. You can play their games with their own registered brands, as well as others, but it is worth having an account with a Gamesys brand if you are looking for a very different overall style to the rest of the pack.

Gamesys Games, Products and Features

Gamesys are by no means the biggest software developer but it is certainly true to say they are a very different software company to most of the other main players. The Gamesys group are both a software company and a casino/bingo brand operator. You don't need to play with a Gamesys casino to use their games and Gamesys brands also host games from other providers too so you won't miss out.

gamesys bingo titles

Gamesys are often associated with bingo games, although it is unfair to say they are not a casino games developer too. They may not have a massive suite of games but they are unique enough to deserve seeking out. The fact the Gamesys brands offer multiple software's too should allay any fears of not having enough choice or player features.

Online Casino Games

Most Gamesys games are best described as simple to play but very energetic, bubbly and entertaining. They have a lot of instant win games and some of the best-looking slot games I've seen. The likes of Wonderland, Secrets of Phoenix, Nuts and Bolts and Double Bubble are the most vibrant, graphically rich and exciting 5-reel slots I have played.

gamesys 1

The company also have some fantastic branded titles including Monopoly, Battleships, The Godfather and others. The highly thought out design shines through in Gamesys branded games. These titles are well made and captivate you within the story and plotlines.

gamesys 6

Table games are better than most casinos, with plenty of versions of roulette, blackjack, baccarat and poker to choose from. All classic versions are included alongside some more interesting variations, especially for blackjack.

Bonus payouts and free spins are very common in Gamesys games. There is a belief with this company that everyone should be having fun most of the time and there are plenty of little rewards along the way to keep you interested until the bigger prizes come.

Jackpot Games

If there is only one reason to play with a Gamesys casino site then it must be for the huge array of jackpots and progressive jackpots available. Almost every game title has a jackpot pool associated with it and the best thing is every type of player can get involved in a jackpot game with stake amounts as low as 1p/spin.

Jackpots are not the biggest around in terms of total amount although if you are looking to find a place where payout frequency is high then go for a Gamesys game.

gamesys 7

Unlike many other progressive jackpots Gamesys offer different pools based on stake (see image). With other casinos if you don't stake the highest chip value then you don't get entered into the progressive pool. With Gamesys you can choose to go for a lower chip value jackpot (e.g. 5p or even 1p spins) ensuring there is always a change of winning a massive prize.

Gamesys average online jackpot amounts for some of their biggest games (although this is not a guarantee):

  • Wonderland (1p/5p/10p/20p) - £23,000 / £100,000 / £210,000 / £430,000
  • Deal or No Deal (5p/10p/20p) - £115,000 / £220,000 / £480,000
  • Double Bubble - £95,000
  • Caribbean Stud - £75,000
  • Bejeweled Bingo - £55,000

Online Bingo Games

There are not many software providers that happily balance a bingo game portfolio alongside casino but this is something Gamesys were made for. The more light-hearted and animated style of this developer means the games packages complement each other well.

gamesys 8

Gamesys run several brands including JackPotJoy (the flagship brand) and previously Heart Bingo, this is now run by BetVictor. These sites focus on bingo you can also access all Gamesys slots there too. A perfect balance for anyone who likes to play bingo and casino games in the same place.

Bingo jackpots are the best around and in terms of community they don't come much bigger. Read more about Gamesys brands or bingo in general in our Bingo section.

Methods and Design

This is certainly a quality over quantity operation. Gamesys do not have as many games as casino gaming giants like Playtech or NetEnt but each Gamesys game is special and certainly recognisable as part of their brand.

Once you've looked at a handful of titles from a typical provider you notice games start to fall into categories, with shared templates and designs. This is honestly not true of Gameys, each game is fundamentally different, designed from scratch with unique themes, layouts and special features. Yes the catalogue may be relatively small but no other provider gives quite so much from a game collection of this size.

Gamesys design games for everyone, the flexible stake limits, jackpot values and wide range of themes means they suit all types of players. The company is also exceptionally socially active, and were one of the first to engage through platforms such as Facebook. In fact they were the first to launch a real money Facebook game back in 2011.

gamesys 4

As you can see from the image above the companies mission statement for its staff is different to most others. There is a focus on living through the player to develop games that people actually want to play. The brand also has its own style, moving forward in a competitive space while maintaining their own 'wonderfullty weird' edge.

Gamesys will never be like Microgaming or IGT when it comes to their games, they are always going to be a more bespoke and unique provider. You may only see a few new titles a year form this developer although I promise they will be worth the same as 100 titles from a more generic developer.

Responsible Gambling

gamesys 9

Gamesys are one of the most modern and forward looking companies when it comes to promoting safe, secure and responsible gaming. They have every tool and facility available to help players get the best form their gaming, take a look at the graphic above from the Gamesys site just to see the array of features available.

About Gamesys

gamesys 1Gamesys was founded in 2001, by Noel Hayden, Andrew Dixon, Robin Tombs along with a small development team. The company was the brainchild of Noel who fell in love with gaming early on by playing games such as Space Invaders in his fathers hotel. Hayden still runs the company as executive chairman today. was launched the following year in 2002. The idea was a great one taking advantage of the very popular TV gameshow format of the time from the likes of The Price is Right and Deal or No Deal (which the company went on to license). The site proved an almost instant hit with a selection of in house bingo and casino games entirely different to what was then available. The company also hit on the idea of loyalty early on being one of the first to offer points and rewards and by 2005 the JackPotJoy site has over 100,000 active members (remember online gaming was a fraction of what it is now back then so this number is impressive).

The Gamesys group moved to their head offices in London on the back of the success of JackPotJoy and by 2004 they had already received their 100 millionth wager.

gamesys 5

Based on the success of JackPotJoy, Gamesys licensed the popular TV game show Deal or No Deal launching one of the first ever TV branded slots in 2006. This has proved to be one of the most successful slots so far in the history of online casino.

Gamesys launched Sun Bingo in 2008, their first major branded site. The media connection led the company into social marketing earlier than most and by the end of the decade they were winning awards for their social games.

The 2010's saw no let up in the development of the Gamesys brands. Barara Windsor came on board as brand ambassador for JackPotJoy, in one of the longest running and most successful partnerships in the industry. She is now almost as recognisable as the face of the site as she is as Peggy from EastEnders.

Acquiring Virgin Games in 2013 was a masterstroke for Gamesys. The Virgin brand overall was perfectly suited to the games and general portfolio of Gamesys, They even have the same colours and style. Alongside other branded sites such as Caesars and Monopoly Casino the Gamesys operation has carved out a distinctive niche in online gaming.

gamesys 3

The Gamesys group includes a plethora of limited companies set up to run the various registered brands and licences, in effect Gamesys is the holding company with brands licenced and operated under subsidiary's (see image). This is a normal scenario in this industry.

In 2015 Gamesys sold their JackPotJoy brand, along with others, to Canadian firm Intertain Group. Although not owned anymore by Gamesys they would still provide all the technical, operations and marketing until 2025.

Gamesys Awards

  • eGaming Review B2B Awards - Best innovation in bingo (2015), Best bingo marketing campaign (2015), Innovation in Slots (2013), Innovation in Bingo (2013), Social Casino product of the year (2012), Customer Service operator of the year (2012).

Gamesys Contact Details

Full Name: Gamesys Limited.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: +44 (0) 20 7478 8100

Head Office Address: 4th Floor, 10 Piccadilly, London, W1J 0DD, United Kingdom

Gamesys UK Gambling Licence Number – 38905