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ecopayz logo Launched in 2000, ecoPayz was set up as part of PSI-Pay Ltd, making it one of the first e-wallets to be established at the beginning of the internet payment gateway revolution.

Subsequently regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) as an Authorised Electronic Money Institution, (FRN:900011) it then received EU approval in 2008 and as a result became recognised across the continent.

The main feature of ecoPayz is that it can provide fast and secure payment options to its users and this quickly earned the company its fair share of fans.

A Principal Member of Mastercard, licensed to issue branded and unbranded cards, ecoPayz is Payment Card Industry compliant, a Member of the Electronic Money Association, Data Security Standards compliant, as well as being registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) under the 1998 Data Protection Act.

Online Casinos That Accept EcoPazy

18+. Play responsibly, BeGambleAware, for help quitting visit Gamstop. #ad.
Site Min Deposit Min Withdraw Withdrawal Time Visit
Energy Casino £10 £20 4-24 Hours
T&Cs Apply, 18+
Vbet £5 £1 Within 72 Hours
T&Cs Apply, 18+
Mr Play £10 £10 Up To 3 Days
T&Cs Apply, 18+
CasinoLuck £10 £10 0-2 Days
T&Cs Apply, 18+
10Bet Casino £10 £1 1-2 Days
T&Cs Apply, 18+
Dukes Casino £20 No Min (£2.50 fee) Up To 4 Days
T&Cs Apply, 18+
UK Casino Club £10 £10 1-2 Days
T&Cs Apply, 18+
32Red Casino £10 £10 2-3 Days
T&Cs Apply, 18+
William Hill Casino £10 £5 Up To 24hrs
T&Cs Apply, 18+
Coral Casino £5
T&Cs Apply, 18+

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Using ecoPayz for Gambling

ecopayz deposit screen

As online gambling continues to rise in popularity and adapts to the more sophisticated needs and requirements of its customers, other industries have seen profit potential in finding a way to help service the sector more effectively. For the last two decades, financial technology has been innovating new ways to provide a more convenient customer journey, not only in response to demand, but also by leading the way in other areas of technology such as mobile, and making themselves impossible to ignore.

The vast majority of the mainstream online casinos facilitate the use of ecoPayz transactions and it is a popular method for funding and withdrawing, though it is always worth making sure that the ecoPayz logo can be seen at the online casino of choice, as it is not accepted absolutely everywhere.

If the casino displays the logo then it is safe to assume that they accept ecoPayz, and there will be instructions on how to use the service effectively once you get going. Should a customer’s ecoPayz card not have enough funds, they can easily top it up using Mastercard or Visa transfer via internet banking. To deposit, customers simply have to click ‘Deposit’, the choose ‘ecoPayz’ as a deposit option, before selecting the amount that they wish to deposit.

When it comes to withdrawing via ecoPayz, this is a relatively simple process. Although all online casinos need the customer to be verified with them before making a withdrawal through ecoPayz, they may all have slightly different withdrawal times; though most online casinos take up to 24 hours with a minimum £5 withdrawal limit.

How to Sign Up to ecoPayz

It could not be any easier to create an ecoPayz account, a process that is both fast and free, although the customer is naturally required to provide details such as name and contact details. With security being a fundamental part of ecoPayz’ business model, the company treats this with the utmost importance and has made sure that the technology has the requisite components to ensure that customer’s details are kept safe.

Head to the ecoPayz website and hit the Sign Up button – you can’t miss it.

Then it’s just a case of filling in the usual details:

ecopayz sign up 1

Don’t be concerned about filling in any of the personal information, it is perfectly safe. The code you are required to enter at the bottom is just to ensure that you are not a ‘bot’, you don’t need to remember it.

ecopayz sign up 2 850px

Once you have done that, you need to agree to the terms and conditions, select if and how you want to be contacted with marketing, then hit create account and you’re done!

ecopayz sign up 3

From there, ecoPayz will guide you around your new account before leaving you to explore.

ecopayz sign up 4

If you order a physical card it might take up to 3 days to arrive, but you can still use your online account in the interim.

What to Expect From ecoPayz

ecopayz cardsAccepted in multiple countries and accepted by retailers around the world both in person and online, customers will find that they can easily use their ecoPayz card for day to day banking, almost like a bank card, thanks to its affiliation with Mastercard. As a result, customer’s will find that their account and card sync up with the latter updated in real time as the card is used.

As with other cards, there are certain fees and limits attached. Each card from silver to VIP comes for free, while cash withdrawals carry a charge of two percent. There is also another card that is aligned with ecoPayz and this is the ecoVirtual card, designed as a single use pre-paid card to complement the ecoAccount. This enables customers to safely pay for products and services online or over the phone without handing over any of their bank details.

It is very similar to paysafecard except it is more convenient if you already use ecoPayz as it is linked to your account, so you can do all of your banking in one place. Privacy is the name of the game with the ecoVirtual card.

Advantages and Disadvantages

ecopayz voucher anonymityWhile ecoPayz is one of the more popular online wallets and is compatible with many different online casinos, it does have a number of cons to go alongside the pros. However, everyone is different and they will have their own ideas about what they look for from a payment method, with certain features bound to appeal more to some people than others depending on personal circumstances.

One of the best things about using ecoPayz for an online casino experience is that this method allows for anonymous payments, while thanks to advanced technology customers are also very well protected from fraud, thanks in part to the ecoVirtual card.

With nearly two decades of trade under their belt, ecoPayz is one of the most revered e-wallets around and it is easy to understand why it is not only favoured by online casinos but also their customers as well.

However, international customers will often find that they are charged particularly high fees for using the service, while withdrawal times in most online casinos are not instant and often take in excess of 24 hours to be processed.

Also, despite being widely available, it is not most site’s first choice for an ewallet, so if a casino only accepts one or two ewallets it is less likely that ecoPayz will be one of them.

The Evolution of ecoPayz

ecopayz money transferIt is fair to say that digital wallets have had a huge effect on how transactions are made and have changed the face of commerce, revolutionising the way in which business is conducted, especially in a B2C (Business to Customer) capacity.

Online payment platforms have boosted the levels of convenience for customers with a preference for shopping online, and the online gaming industry has also been a beneficiary of such technology.

Founded and based in England in the year 2000, ecoPayz swiftly became a global provider of payments and financial services for both merchants and individual customers as they offered card based or account payment solutions. But it wasn't until almost a decade later that things really began to develop at pace. The company also launched a pre-paid eco-card that customers can use in conjunction with their eco-account.

With three currencies available (GBP, Euro or USD) customers have a reasonable amount of choice and flexibility - especially if they are sending money between accounts and can reap the benefits of more favourable exchange rates.

As of 2009, users could also take advantage of the new iPhone app, which they have regularly updated in alignment with technological advancements in order to keep the app in tip top condition.

ecopayz laptop card mobileMerely one year later, as popularity for the service spread around the world, ecoPayz introduced 24/7 multilingual customer service support to keep up with the demand. In 2011 as the company began to build considerable momentum, the ecoPayz Business Account solution was launched so that the company could offer an instant and efficient way of ensuring their staff, suppliers, and affiliates were paid seamlessly.

As 2013 arrived, ecoPayz rebranded and changed their name from ecoCard, as they were known at the time, to ecoPayz. This was a comprehensive overhaul as the company launched the new brand alongside a variety of other products; ecoAccount, ecoCard, ecoVirtualcard, ecoPayz Business Account, and ecoPayz Merchant Account, while later that year a mobile version of the site was launched.

One year later, it was confirmed that there would be a new feature introduced by ecoPayz that enabled customers to securely get their PIN straight from the website, while the ecoAccount app was launched compatible with iOS and Android.

Key Dates in Brief:

  • 2000 - Business Launched as ecoCard.
  • 2008 - Gained FC Regulation
  • 2009 - Partnership with Mastercard begins
  • 2011 - Business accounts became available
  • 2013 - Re-branded to ecoPayz
  • 2016 - 2 step verification introduced, enhancing security.


While there is a comprehensive amount of information here for anyone considering using the ecoPayz service, there still may be areas which haven’t been covered. This is why we have pre-empted a few questions that you may have.

Can I use ecoPayz Alongside Other Payment Methods?

Yes, customers will find that they are not restricted as to which payment methods they use at their online casino. Indeed, some payment options are only available as deposit methods, such as PayByPhone, so you need more than one way to move your money.

While you can use as many different payment methods as you like, by law you have to withdraw using the same method that you deposited wherever possible. Since withdrawals via ecoPayz are possible, this means that any money deposited via the provider will need to be withdrawn by the same route.

Is ecoPayz Free?

It is and it isn’t, it depends what you want to do.

Transfers to and from ecoPayz merchants is free, as is registration, but certain types of transactions and currency conversion will incur a small fee, usually just a small percentage of the transaction amount.

For most of us though this shouldn’t be an issue, but if you use their full range of services it could affect you. You can also sign up for different levels of service at ecoPayz which can bring down costs in some cases.

How Does ecoPayz Differ From PayPal?

They are similar products, although PayPal users do not have a physical card, but yes, Paypal is also an internet payment gateway service and it has been around just as long as ecoPayz. It is arguably better known thanks to its historic links to eBay, but they both offer slightly different side products.

The other obvious difference is the fees they charge and what they charge for. These are too numerous to list here, and your average casino player won’t need to worry about it anyway, but if you are someone that uses ewallets for all of your banking requirements then you may want to load up each provider’s fee pages for comparison.