Why Play in a Real Casino?

casino floor

A trip to the casino presents many different options and is a completely different experience to playing online. If you like to gamble but have never been to one before, you really are missing out.

Just visiting popular gambling destinations such as Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Monte Carlo will be enough to cause the adrenaline to surge. While Vegas is considered to be the ‘city that never sleeps’, not even your dizziest of dreams could prepare you for what these resorts have on display.

A real casino, especially one in a tourist hotspot, is comparable to an adult version of Disneyworld; it will be full of just about every kind of slot machine that you can imagine, numerous roulette tables, baccarat tables and blackjack tables, plus special VIP poker rooms and tournaments to enter. What's more, there will be a buzz about the place as the various casino employees go about their work, and in some of the older establihsments you can soak up the history of the building.

Decadence is the order of the day and it is easy to feel like a king walking around the likes of Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, where regal colours come at you from every direction. It isn’t only about the gambling though; despite that being a major draw.

Casino’s tend to be ‘entertainment central’, with the bosses doing everything they can to ensure that a visitor’s experience is not only memorable, but long lasting.

Advantages of Playing in a Real Casino

Despite all the advantages of playing online, you will maybe be surprised to find that there are a number of credible advantages to playing in a real casino instead of on the web.

Yes, playing online has a major convenience factor as it offers the ability to play anywhere at any time and even while on the move, but it can’t trump the real thing in the following areas.


casino good time Nothing beats a great atmosphere, and you can’t find that sat with your laptop in your PJs at home. A real casino is full of atmosphere and the adrenaline of having an audience while you play can really up the stakes too.

Plus, if you can actually see the dealer or other players, it means that you can also assess body language and gauge what is going on a bit more astutely. You can use people reading skills in games where that is a factor.

There is also the ‘sense of occasion’ factor; you may or may not choose to take the James Bond route and dress up in a tuxedo, however, it is perhaps surprising the effect that dressing for the occasion has on your mentality, which can further add to the experience.

This can also influence the way that other players make decisions and even how you are treated by casino employees, especially if you look smart and successful.  

Winnings Paid Instantly

money and casino chips In some cases, after hitting the withdraw button on your online casino site you might have to wait up to five working days to receive your winnings in your account. This all depends on the company and which payment option you have used, but either way, you have to wait.

In a real casino you are able to claim your winnings straight away and also hold them in your hand, and the difference this makes to how you feel about it shouldn’t be underestimated. Having £500 credited to your account feels great, having £500 in your hand feels incredible.

There is also a sense of authenticity to handling your chips and physically placing them on the table, then cashing them in. It’s tangible and exciting.

Social Aspect

casino restaurantDespite the efforts of online casinos to create a social aspect, by using chat boxes for instance, the social element of a real casino is immeasurably better and impossible to imitate.

You can chat to other gamblers around the tables, or strike up a conversation with the person playing the next slot machine along, and discuss tactics or memorable wins. Whatever you fancy.

Invariably casinos also have bars and/or restaurants where gamblers can sit and unwind before heading back out on the floor. Unless you live in a pub or own your own restaurant, this isn’t really an option when playing online.

Special Treatment

casino sandwich Those who like to be looked after and perhaps feel a little bit special can often enjoy complimentary drinks and snacks as they play in a physical casino.

This is obviously a ploy to keep players playing so the casino makes money, but if you were going to be sat there playing anyway it’s a very nice extra benefit indeed.

For those with more expendable income to play with, casinos often go out of their way to make high rollers feel looked after, and again, this is something online casinos attempt to replicate but can’t really match.

In a real casino, help or a light bite need only be asked for and a member of the team will be happy to help.


casino entertainment No matter how much we all love roulette, blackjack and the like, we all need a break sometimes and none of us have never ending bank rolls.

A change of pace helps to keep things fresh and also ekes out the money in your pocket, and many casinos offer live entertainment as an extra incentive to entice people inside.

The big famous venues boast star singers and comedians, as well as impressive magic acts, daredevil shows or light shows, but even smaller high street casinos run entertainment on a smaller scale.

This makes a visit to a real casino more of a fully rounded night out, while those players sat at home on a casino site are stuck with YouTube.

3 Casinos Every Gambling Fan Should Visit

Some of the best casinos in the world are attractions in themselves, set in plush surroundings with fantastic architecture and beautiful outdoor areas.

Granted, these are unlikely to be on your doorstep, but if you look a casino visit they might be a great option for a holiday or a mini break.

Casino Barrière de Deauville, France

casino barriere There is no doubt about this opulent gem on the coast of Normandy.

Opening in 1912, it is well known among French gambling enthusiasts who flock there in their hundreds, while the architecture is as impressive as the 365 plus slot machines which fill the grand hall.

Having also played a role in a number of classic films over the decades, this really does ooze atmosphere and is surely one to add to your list.

Sun City, South Africa

sun city casino This would be a highly interesting, if not irregular choice.

Though arguably the country’s most exclusive resort it also plays host to a casino which boasts as many tables as the resort’s many eating establishments, while slots spin aplenty.

For entertainment of a different nature, chill out in one of the numerous swimming pools, while if you’re not bored of clubs yet, try those of a different kind and hit one of the two golf courses.

Bellagio, Las Vegas, USA

bellagio casino Definitely the most notable casino on the list, the Bellagio of Las Vegas is an industry institution and one of the most recognisable in the world.

Offering in excess of 2,300 slot machines as well as a 650 square metre poker room, this is a true gambler’s paradise.

A visit here will easily be one of those occasions where you will be glad you decided to ditch online gambling for the night.

With two towers and a spectacular fountain show, there is also plenty to keep you entertained should you feel like you need a break from gambling, while there are also some of the best views on the entire strip.

Final Thoughts

Online casino is great and all, but nothing beats the real thing. Playing online is great for when you have a few quid to spare and fancy chancing your arm, or for when it’s raining outside or you live miles from a real life casino. When you want to do some serious gambling though, only a real casino will cut the mustard.

Playing in a real casino has obvious draws as outlined above, it’s real life and it is there to be experienced in person. However, not all gamblers are social, not all gamblers like the idea of playing in front of other people, and that’s fine.

For everyone else, a physical casino has everything you need for a fantastic night out, going much further than the games on offer. Many are now more like an entertainment complex, and are designed to keep you happy for the whole evening.